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lanmote android shield tv not working

I rooted my Nvidia Shield Tv and installed lanmote deluxe 1.5.1 from a backup from my phone. The mouse cursor works but that is about it. I have shield version 3.2 and 6.0. I am trying to use this with my control4 system- eventually.

Ryan , 28.09.2016, 19:04
Response from the site administrator
portable, 03.03.2017
Please join this Google Plus Community if you would like to help beta test the next version which will fix Android 6.x issues and provide feedback
Idea status: completed


Ryan, 28.09.2016, 19:05
/\ Android 6.0 /\
portable, 29.09.2016, 02:38
I am aware of the problem you described. You are not the first person reporting this problem. Would you be willing to help test future version of LANmote aimed to address this problem? (I can see the hotmail you used here, so I can e-mail you directly then.)
Ryan, 29.09.2016, 03:31
Yes I would be willing to! This is my junk email but I check it often.
Nick, 13.10.2016, 02:50
Any movement on this particular issue? I just rooted my shield tv as well with the intention of using LANMote in conjunction with my control4 system. Sadly, only the cursor and app launching seems to work. No navigation input, no transport controls.
Ryan, 13.10.2016, 03:28
Still waiting on a response...hopefully soon!
portable, 15.10.2016, 03:40
If you sent me an e-mail, I will let you know when a test version is available for testing. But don't expect it to happen very soon.
Nick, 15.10.2016, 17:59
Looking forward to helping with testing an update. I considered downgrading my shield tv to a 5.1.1 version just to be able to use LanMote, but i would lose too much other shield tv functionality and recent features in doing so. So for now its IR control. IP control via lanmote will however enable me to have far better control and programming flexibility with my C4 system.
Ryan, 24.11.2016, 12:43
Might as well make it for 5.5 now
Jakub, 04.02.2017, 20:23
Shawn Ruggiero, 14.02.2017, 08:21
I also have Nvidia Shield TV which has been working great with Lanmote Deluxe for the past year. I just recently update to the newest version of the shield tv os and lost control with my lanmote app. I am also using this in conjunction with my control4 system. Is there any update on the issue?
Wesley, 19.02.2017, 21:24
Hi, I've got an Android box (H96 PRO PLUS) running Android 6.0, Nothing but the mouse works, Any updates on a fix? :-) Happy to beta test as well
portable, 03.03.2017, 03:06
We have finally made progress in fixing Android 6.x issues and those willing to help test the app can join this https://plus.google.com/communities/104930843995074725220

Will post information in this Google Plus community when the app is prepared for open beta test. Looking forward to see you there and any feedback you may have.

After the app release for Android 6.x fixes, there will be subsequent release that will add enhancements/fixes coming. Comments/suggests are welcomed at this forum.
Ryan, 22.03.2017, 13:58
I requested to join awhile ago but haven't been accepted. Any updates?
portable, 23.03.2017, 03:36
I didn't receive any notification, so I don't know I need to approve it. You should be in now. Thanks for letting me know. My developer is still working on one last trick for Android 6.x to ensure most devices will work, it is related to SElinux which is blocking many rooted apps from working.
Yucef Lara, 03.05.2017, 02:08
Same thing over here already purchased but need a versiĆ³n that can r u n con NVIDIA shield nougat 7 thanx !!!
Gerard, 21.05.2017, 11:12
I have send a mail to the lanmote service people. About this problem Android 6.0 Only working mouse pad.
I see this problem is from 3 moths ago. So why is their not any update with a fix already?
Please send me a feedback to mail. Jadhais@live.nl
Brian, 29.05.2017, 02:38
I sent an email to the developer as well. What is the hold up on this? How can we speed this process up? I just bought another copy of LANmote for a customer and need it working on the SHIELD.
Thomas, 11.07.2017, 14:05
Any news on this, did any of you manage to get in touch with the developer? I am also trying to setup C4 control of the NVIDIA shield TV.
Yucef, 10.08.2017, 17:32
I'm assuming develop stoped !! Even they said they were working on it !! Also a shame chowmain depends on this to interface on android boxes ....
dave, 14.11.2017, 18:52
sent request for the google plus page days ago, no responce!

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