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iOS problem- QS scanner app error.

when using chrome or when you create a bookmark from safari on to the a homepage, it keeps pooping up "it looks like you're viewing this inside a QR scanner app. Please open it in Safari for the best for the best experience." Ive tried it on iPhone4 6.1.3 and iPhone 5 &.0.3, same result. The app works great, and I love it, its perfect for my use and the ONLY app I've found that works cross-platform. its just this small nuisance every time you switch between keypad, mouse and media or when you first open the bookmark on safari or open it on chrome.

R , 13.11.2013, 22:24
Response from the site administrator
portable, 04.08.2014
We have removed this nag message in the latest version of LANmote, version 1.5. Please update your LANmote.
Idea status: completed


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