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Any ETA for Kikat Support ?

Any ETA for Kikat Support ?

Thanks in advance.

Lanmote Deluxe user.

Leo , 19.05.2014, 02:00
Response from the site administrator
portable, 04.08.2014
LANmote version 1.5 with Android 4.4 kitkat support is now available on Play market. Thank you for your patient.
Idea status: completed


portable, 19.05.2014, 04:05
Android 4.4 kitkat support will come, please be patient or don't update your device to Android 4.4 for now. Android 4.4 actually have changes in many places and it creates problems for many apps using those API.
Robert, 22.07.2014, 15:21
Any idea yet when the 4.4 update will be released?
portable, 23.07.2014, 08:04
We intend to release it in 1-2 weeks. We still have a few bugs to fix. You will like the new features/changes we have implemented ;)
portable, 30.07.2014, 03:55
Robert, you may sent a request at this Google+ community to get access to the pre-release version of LANmote.

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