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Control Android phone with Netflix with another Android Phone

I have two Android phones and I use one phone to hook up to my HDTV with an HDMI cable to watch Netflix with. My problem is, if I'm watching a tv series, Netflix asks if I want to continue watching? I have to get up and touch the phone to continue watching. How can I control that with my other Android phone? Also, I'd like to be able to search the Netflix database, choose items from "My List" to play, etc. You get the idea. I called Netflix and they couldn't help me.

mlbissell123, 24.06.2014, 21:16
Response from the site administrator
portable, 25.06.2014
If your TV connected phone is rooted, you can control it using LANmote using any browser from mobile or computer. In short, LANmote provides key press and mouse control. There is also a media page for video playback control if the app you are using supports it. This media page uses standard Android media playback control, you can test it using default music player.

I cannot test Netflix because I am not located in US nor there is anything else I can do if you can't control Netflix with LANmote's preconfigured buttons. In such cases, I suggest you just use LANmote's mouse input for now.

In the upcoming version of LANmote (ver 1.5), if your app, Netflix have intents that can be utilized to control its behaviour. It would be possible to sent intents to your app via LANmote http requests. In other words, for your purpose, you could construct such url, bookmark it and use it to control your app or construct a simple app with predefined url for such purpose. This is a functionality we intend to provide for 3rd party developers.
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portable, 25.06.2014, 05:34
Sounds like you did not even try LANmote before asking? We have a free version you can test before making a purchase.

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