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Google Nexus 9 control problem

Android Device Google Nexus 9 with Lollipop 5.0.1
Device is Rooted
Lanmote 1.5 installed
Lanmote is running and giving an appropriate URL
I can connect to it with Safari on IMac or iPhone, however the only buttons that work are volume, mouse control, mute
On the IMac (OS X) I am able to open and change apps but have otherwise limited control.

Trying to connect via a Windows PC with 3 different browsers including IE 11, Firefox, and Chrome-- I am able to see the web interface, but it appears tiny (not affected by zoom on browser menu)-- it also has no operational control

I would ideally like to have control over directional cursors, and media control play/pause, and previous/next buttons

Anyway help would be greatly appreciated

August , 18.04.2015, 17:26
Response from the site administrator
portable, 18.09.2015
Support for Android 5.x Lollipop added in Version 1.5.1.
Idea status: completed


portable, 19.04.2015, 06:32
Can you take a look at this thread and see if this is related to your problem.

Can you post a link to screenshot of the problem you have on Windows browsers?

If possible, can you also provide DDMS log after you start server?

We have not seen the problem you described before. This could be related to Android 5.x which we have never tested LANmote on. Android OS upgrade tend to break things, LANmote was not working on Android 4.4 for quite a while until we fixed it.
August, 20.04.2015, 18:07
Thanks for your response (I did reply but didn't see my reply posted)

I have looked at the thread you suggested and all the following files are currently on my Google Nexus 9:


I don't see anything else in the thread that looked applicable to me.

I am not sure if this is the proper log info that you need but here goes

04-20 12:57:13.065 477-554/? I/WindowManager﹕ Screen frozen for +2s296ms due to Window{1445907d u0 com.portable.LANmote.Deluxe/com.portable.LANmote.MyActivity}
04-20 12:57:21.743 477-899/? D/WifiService﹕ acquireWifiLockLocked: WifiLock{LANMote type=3 binder=android.os.BinderProxy@1c6a3f93}
04-20 12:57:21.766 21048-21048/? I/AMP﹕ onstartCommand Intent { cmp=com.portable.LANmote.Deluxe/com.portable.LANmote.WebServer.ServerService (has extras) } true
04-20 12:57:21.861 477-568/? I/EventHub﹕ New device: id=31, fd=211, path='/dev/input/event4', name='LANmoteMT', classes=0x80000014, configuration='/data/system/devices/idc/LANmoteMT.idc', keyLayout='', keyCharacterMap='', builtinKeyboard=false, wakeMechanism=EPOLLWAKEUP, usingClockIoctl=true
04-20 12:57:21.868 477-568/? I/InputReader﹕ Device reconfigured: id=31, name='LANmoteMT', size 1536x2048, orientation 0, mode 4, display id 0
04-20 12:57:21.868 477-568/? I/InputReader﹕ Device added: id=31, name='LANmoteMT', sources=0x00002002
04-20 12:57:22.871 477-568/? E/KeyLayoutMap﹕ /data/system/devices/keylayout/LANmote.kl:1: Expected key flag label, got 'WAKE'.
04-20 12:57:22.888 477-568/? E/KeyLayoutMap﹕ /data/system/devices/keylayout/LANmote.kl:1: Expected key flag label, got 'WAKE'.
04-20 12:57:22.897 477-568/? I/EventHub﹕ New device: id=32, fd=213, path='/dev/input/event5', name='LANmote', classes=0x6b, configuration='/data/system/devices/idc/LANmote.idc', keyLayout='/system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl', keyCharacterMap='/data/system/devices/keychars/LANmote.kcm', builtinKeyboard=false, wakeMechanism=EPOLLWAKEUP, usingClockIoctl=true
04-20 12:57:22.903 477-568/? I/InputReader﹕ Device added: id=32, name='LANmote', sources=0x00002703
04-20 12:57:23.122 477-554/? I/WindowManager﹕ Screen frozen for +215ms due to Window{19427dc4 u0 com.portable.LANmote.Deluxe/com.portable.LANmote.MyActivity}

my device is at

Thanks for your help
portable, 21.04.2015, 05:36
Well, I don't see anything that looks abnormal in the log you provided. I am still inclined to think this problem is related to Android 5.x. I don't have any Android 5.x devices, so I can't test/reproduce this for the time being.

In any case, this is the first report that LANmote is not working correctly on Android 5.x. We will try to fix it when we have the chance to reproduce this on our devices. Thanks for the report.
portable, 30.08.2015, 04:04
After some discussion with another customer using Android 5.x, he came up with this solution that works for his device.

Quote from Robin
"I found out that the postfix WAKE command would prevent the kl file from loading so I simply removed all the postfix WAKE commands from the original LANmote.kl files and now it loads and most everything works! Only thing that does not work is ability to send text as a whole word which is not a big deal."
portable, 01.09.2015, 04:31
Additional info from Robin
"There is one other critical thing I forgot to mention! I have to start Droidmote once after each reboot or LANmote give a uinput error. I forgot about this because I simply had Droidmote set to autostart."
August, 15.09.2015, 03:46
I have tried the "Wake" adjustment without success
Thanks though!
portable, 15.09.2015, 09:19
Did you see my later post that says Robin also start Droidmote server at every reboot to make it work? If you don't mind your device having input problems when using IME directly, you can try to replace the generic.kl with lanmote.kl too. Make sure you have a backup of your generic.kl first, so you can restore it if required.

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