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No cursor control only app launcher and mouse

Have himedia q5 which I believe runs Android 4.4. Have installed LANmote and can get to it from a browser, use the mouse commands, and launch apps. However I have no transport controls, no cursor keys or menu buttons etc etc. Any ideas?

Liam , 21.10.2015, 18:45
Response from the site administrator
portable, 21.10.2015
More information needed. Cause of this problem is probably not due to LANmote. Would suggest you to try LANmote on other devices.
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portable, 21.10.2015, 23:12
Sorry but I don't understand what is the problem you have. Do you mean up/down/left/right, etc buttons are not working? Does keyboard input, i.e. typing text works?

The app launcher operates differently from key presses, i.e. app launcher uses standard Android intent, so it is guaranteed to work. However, the rest of the controls aren't and are often hardware/OS dependent.

In any case, we tested tested LANmote on Android 4.4 and it is known to work. If it some parts does not work on your device, it is most likely due to the OS you are running on it. China branded devices tends to do things differently on the OS and may require you to install custom OS to fix some problems related to uinput. You can find more information on this if you search for "Android uinput problems".
Liam, 03.11.2015, 08:46
Yes exactly that. I do not get any of up/down/left/right or play/pause/stop etc.

I will revert to HiMedia and see if there is any answer there
portable, 03.11.2015, 09:10
Please install/upgrade to latest version 1.5.1 to see if it fixes the problem you have. It probably won't make any different to Android 4.4 device though.
Mike, 16.04.2017, 12:50
I am having this same issue but on Android 6. Can use mouse mode and app launcher but none of the other input controls. Checked uinput and it exists in /dev. Do you have any suggestions?

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